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hong kong

Upgrading to Fedora F18

You can find the packages here - http://mirrors.fedoraproject.org/publiclist/Fedora/18/armhfp/

How to upgrade from F17 to F18 (courtesy of Jon Masters):
  1. Install the rpm by downloading both of the noarch packages there.
  2. Install them with rpm, or with "yum install fedora-release*.rpm"
  3. Then do a "yum install rpm yum" to upgrade those bits.
  4. You will see some failures during that process due to the linker path changing and the upgrade not working (we don't really do upgrades per-se on ARM devices at the moment).
  5. Shutdown the system with a halt/poweroff/or powerbutton press/hold.
  6. Take out the SD Card. Insert into another system and make a symlink from /lib/ld-linux.so.3->/lib/ld-2.16.so (which should happen during a glibc upgrade but actually isn't being created properly right now).
  7. Re-insert into system and boot it up.
  8. Do a "yum upgrade --skip-broken"


Tried and failed

I spent yesterday wrestling with this; at one point the system was trying to apply 2000 updates at about 1 a minute. To cut a long story short, I now have a system that will not boot.

Not being easily able to upgrade from one Red Hat release to another was why I left Red Hat in the first place, sigh. OK, back to basics, I'll find an F18 root file system and start from there.

Meanwhile, I've pruned the F17 system well enough to use again and will submit some patches today. That'll make the week seem worthwhile.
hong kong

October 2014

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